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MICR gauge PDF file for printing your own film

This MICR measurement and layout gauge is a PDF file to print on transparent film with a high resolution printer. This clear film overlay design will be suitable to verify individual checks as well as sheets or rolls of uncut forms.  Printing can be done through a laser printer, or an inkjet printer on the proper film, available at most fine office supply stores. You can also use typesetting film.

High precision printing : you will be able to verify the precision of your printing by comparing the ruler on top of the gauge. If it was off, you will know immediately what to do.

Quickly and accurately measure :

MICR E13B Gauge targets the most recent standards :
ANSI X9.100-160-1-2009 and CPA600.

This precision tool lets you immediately spot what needs nudging or improvement with MICR printing. Precise placement and spacing of characters is essential to get reliable results with check processing.

E13B MICR Gauge from E13BMICRGauge.com

Making sure that a check meets banking standards is a required step when designing and printing MICR. This is the best desktop test equipment for MICR. The MICR E13B Gauge will provide absolute certainty that everything checks out before going to production.

Today's check processing is far more demanding than in the past. Banks now outright reject checks which are not within specifications, and often add rejection fees. Avoid these incidents by making sure your checks comply with ABA standards, U.S Check 21 Act and Canadian CPA006.

The PDF MICR Gauge document is provided with printing apps for Windows (7,8,8.1,& 10) and Mac (64 bit 10.10 Yosemite up to 10.15.x Catalina)

Printing Windows

Printing with Mac app

One user license, encrypted file.
Download your MICR check position gauge PDF instantly for $19.95 only.

Make sure your check printing conforms to MICR specifications right away. This package contains a PDF file for printing on your own printer and film, and complete instructions as a PDF file. Non-transferable, strictly one user license. Not for resale, no printing for other parties.

MICR strip sample. Check printing is simple : copy the bottom of a pre-printed check !

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Download your fonts immediately

The MICR gauge PDF file is delivered in a zip archive. Double click to open, then use a high resolution printer to print your MICR check position gauge on transparency film. That's it !

We also send you an email containing all instructions in case you need to download again.

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